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Europa Ar-lindo's website

Europa Ar-lindo's website

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When at Europa Ar-Lindo, the company needed some extra functionality added to their website, and management felt it needed some refreshing, due to some display problems.

Because there were some issues regarding the previously contracted design company, and market probing would take far too much time and resources, a decision was made to refresh the previous website, adding some new functionality, for the transition to the new hosting solution.

I presented the refacing solution to management, which allowed them to use the same content, and to some extend, the same design, over several of the group's sibling companies, making content management and graphical resources management more efficient.

The end product ended being adopted by three of the group's companies Europa Ar-Lindo, EA SGPS, and Arlindo Açores, but could be easily extended to more. At the time, expansion to Brasil, Moçambique and Angola was on top of the table.

It was a table-based website, like the previous one, but with clean HTML and CSS. It was also added some JQuery animation.