J3 Skills extension
J3 Skills extension

J3 Skills extension

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Component description

This component is used to manage the user's skills, in any context, although usually, it is most commonly used in I.T., to showcase the percentage of the developer's knowledge and/or time spent in certain technologies.

Like all my other extensions, it won't produce "bootstrap ready" markup, but pure clean HTML5 instead. If you wish, you can use this component for its functionality, and do template overrides for bootstrap adaptation, if you wish. The percentage is represented in an HTML5 "progress bar", that can be used as reference by Jquery, to manipulate the DOM and produce whatever markup you wish in its position.

Module description

I also developed a module to complement this component's functionality, that also displays a percentile progress bar for each Skill.

Note: If you want to try out these extensions, please let me know and I will give you the download URL.