J3 Curriculum Vitae extension
J3 Curriculum Vitae extension

J3 Curriculum Vitae extension

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Component description

This component was develop to manage any Curriculum Vitae entries the user might have.

I developed this component for this particular website, to provide a more complete and detailed version of what I have in other websites (ex:. Linkedin) and/or paper version.

Because of its generalized usage, it can be used by anyone, although, I do not develop Joomla's extensions with the same purpose as other developers do, meaning that, it only produces clean HTML5 markup which might not work as expected in most Joomla's templates.

This component might be more useful if used by someone developing the front-end template of the website, because I do not inject any dependencies (css, js or images), and wants to save time with all the back-office and front-end markup generation.

With Joomla, you can also do template overrides if needed.

Module description

I also developed a module to complement this component's functionality, displaying predefined CV records in the website. It also just produces clean HTML5 markup, with no dependencies.

Note: If you want to try out these extensions, please let me know and I will give you the download URL.