J3 Contact extension
J3 Contact extension

J3 Contact extension

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Component description

This component was developed to provide contact information, and a contact form for visitors in this website.

It has several front-end views, that allows the user to choose from a simple contact information display, to a contact with map and form display, although it has a very simple mechanic underneath.

The form saves the website's context, so that it can be used and a fully contextualized message board in the future.

It's always linked to a user's profile record, so that data is not replicated.

Like other extensions I develop, I don't prepare the markup for any specific client-side framework. Only clean HTML5 is returned. The designer/implementer can always implement template overrides where needed.

Module description

This extension also has a module with it, that can display a contact's details, or a contact form depending on the user's needs.

Note: If you want to try out these extensions, please let me know and I will give you the download URL.