Joomla! 3.X Smart Form extension
Joomla! 3.X Smart Form extension

Joomla! 3.X Smart Form extension

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HRA Smart Forms is a Joomla! 3 extension for the admin panel, that brings state behaviour to Joomla!'s forms. The extension can be found here in JED, or here in Github.

Joomla! Smart Form behaviour

Internally, SF does not change Joomla!'s content in any way. Joomla!'s returned code is the same, with or without this extension running.

This plugin will add a Javascript library to your admin panel, that will hold the form's field values/state, and will manipulate the form and corresponding menu according to the User's actions.

Initially, before any change is applied to the form, a record's menu will look like this:

Inactive Joomla! record menu

When the User changes any value on the form, the plugin will pick up that form's state change, and will manipulate the menu to reflect the User's action. The menu will end up looking like this:

Active Joomla! record menu


Controls also change state, when a User changes its value.

When the JS library is first loaded, the plugin will save the initial control's state, and when the User changes its value, it will react, manipulating the control's look.

This is how a control looks, when no change to its initial state was applied by the User:

Unchanged Joomla! control

And this is how the control looks, when a change was applied to its value:

Changed Joomla! control


This plugin is provided as is. It was developed for personal usage and might not 100% accurately, depending on 3rd party's developer code.

This extension is open sourced, and can be found here. Collaboration is welcomed.