eBay Token Management and VirtueMart integration
eBay Token Management and VirtueMart integration

eBay Token Management and VirtueMart integration


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This is a Joomla!'s package project containing a Component and a Plugin, that reacts to any Product being inserted into VirtueMart, and uploads it to the registered eBay's account.


I was approach to develop this project for a Joomla!'s implementation for an US motorcycle company called Dixie Cycle, Inc., by an Indian based development company called WebGuruz. They needed to connect VirtueMart's Product catalog with the client's eBay account, in order to synchronize their inventory.

Dixie Cycle, Inc. is an US company, based in Florida, that cells american style motorcycles across the US, and all over the globe as well. They manage their catalog on their own site, but use other channels to promote their inventory as well. One of those channels is eBay.

Joomla!'s Extensions

The project consisted of two extensions, one being a Component which is responsible for eBay's API token configuration, gathering and management.

The second extension is a plugin that reacts to VM's product management, and uploads the Product's information to eBay automatically, without user interaction. The plugin is also responsible for any token refreshment needed by the API.

A very comprehensive set of information is passed to the API, any time the plugin communicates with it. From standard product's information to stock information. Manufacturer, size, weight and product's photos are also uploaded.